A Confirmatory Evaluation of the Grossver Such IV Experiment Using Hailpad Data (French Network 1977- 1981)


  • J-F. Mezeix Groupement National d’Etudes des Fleaux Atmospheriques
  • P. Caillot Informatique, Mathematiques et Sciences Sociales


Grossversuch IV is a collaborative project, coordinated by the Institute for Atmospheric Physics of E.T.H. in Zurich. It includes the participation of universities and government agencies of France, Italy and Switzerland. Each participating group contributes its particular expertise toward a program designed to test whether a hail suppression method similar to the one proposed by scientists in the USSR, using their high altitude rockets, can successfully be applied in Central Europe, taking into account the climatic and logistic boundary conditions of the regions. The field program includes a 3 cm radar with PPI and RHI for measuring the parameters needed for the seeding criteria, launchers for the Soviet Oblako rockets, a O cm radar with PPI to measure precipitation quantiatively, and a ground network of hailpads with sufficient density to measure kinetic energy and massive hail in the test area.






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