Design of an experiment to suppress hail in Illinois


  • Stanley Changnon Jr.
  • Griffith Morgan Jr.


Weather Modification Research, Weather Modification Operations


The Illinois State Water Survey, with funding from the Science Foundation and the State of Illinois, has just completed a 30- month program aimed at Designing an Experiment to Suppress Hail in Illinois  (DESH). The project had a field phase involving radar and field networks (for rain, hail and weather variables); an  analytical phase; a social, legal, economic, and ecological impact phase; and a phase integrating the results with those from past  hail projects plus key results from other allied Water Survey field projects. DESH is now completed and a final report  has been issued which includes the experimental design for Suppress Hail Experiment (SHE). This paper presents the recommended design for a hail suppression  project that might be begun in the 1975-1980 period....




Technical Notes and Correspondence