Results of two years of randomized cloud seeding experiment in the Deccan Plateau, India


  • K. Krishna
  • R. Kapoor
  • A. Murty
  • S. Rajamani
  • A. Selvam
  • L. Khemani
  • K. Kanuga
  • B. Mukherjee
  • S. Paul
  • R. Reddy
  • G. Brijmohan
  • R. Vijayakumar
  • Bh. Murty


Weather Modification Research


A randomized experiment, using warm seeding technique, was  conducted in the low rainfall region east of Poona in the Deccan  Plateau during the southwest monsoon period of the years 1973  and 1974. The results of the experiment, evaluated on the basis of  the daily rainfall reports, are presented. Measurements of various  microphysical parameters were also made in the course of the  experiment. A brief summary of the results of these measurements is included.




Technical Notes and Correspondence