Development of a state rainguage network


  • Leo Ritter
  • Jackson Pellett
  • Richard Leblang
  • John Donnan


Weather Modification Research, Weather Modification Operations


Statewide raingauge networks are of great benefit, not only to  weather modification projects, but also to the many state  agencies which are directly and indirectly involved with the  natural resource of water. In South Dakota, where a major  portion of the annual precipitation occurs in the form of localized convective showers and thunderstorms during the spring and  summer months, it is necessary to employ a large scale network of raingauges to accurately map precipitation events. The rapid  and timely collection of data, also a concern to many South  Dakota agencies, can a|so best be accomplished by a properly  organized raingauge network. Because the task of developing  and operating a large network of raingauges can become quite  complex and timeconsuming, we believe that it will be helpful to  examine several aspects of the South Dakota network and how  they evolved....




Technical Notes and Correspondence