On the possibilities of rain augmentation by cloud seeding in the Persian Gulf area (Qatar and Oman)


  • Joanne Simpson


Weather Modification Research


Cloud seeding is one of the possible options to increase water resources in Oman, hence its feasibility can and should be  investigated. While it is premature to undertake seeding at this  time, assessment of its feasibility is an integral part of the  assessment of the atmospheric water resources in Oman. Hence, I have divided the program into Phases 1 - 4. Phases 1 and 2,  satellite and radar studies, are essential parts of the ongoing  water resources program in Oman, and of essential benefit to the country, regardlessof whether seeding is ever undertaken. If results of  Phases 1 and 2 are promising Phase 3 can be implemented, namely a careful decision analysis considering a seeding experiment or an  operation. By that time, information should be available for an acceptable estimation of cost-benefits.




Technical Notes and Correspondence