Forecast Model Activities for North Dakota Cloud Modification Project


  • Gretchen Louise Mullendore University of North Dakota
  • Mariusz Starzec University of North Dakota


numerical models, forecasting, weather modification operations


An overview of regional forecast simulations in support of North Dakota Cloud Modification Project (NDCMP) operations is presented.   Simulations are run twice daily during the summer season by University of North Dakota.  Object-based verification of observed and simulated radar reflectivity is conducted during the off-season.  Verification of seasonal performance allows modifications to forecast simulations focused on improving operations for the North Dakota region.  NDCMP simulated forecasts are found to biased towards too many convective objects and convection that is too intense and too large.  Case studies showed that a change in microphysical scheme and adjustments to cloud droplet concentration lessened the biases.

Author Biographies

Gretchen Louise Mullendore, University of North Dakota

Associate Professor

Department of Atmospheric Sciences

Mariusz Starzec, University of North Dakota

Graduate Student

Department of Atmospheric Sciences






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