Integrating the Societal Component in the Proposed Northern Colorado Total Area Mountain Seeding Experiment


  • Ray Jay Davis University of Arizona
  • Lewis O Grant Colorado State University
  • Donald A Klein Colorado State University
  • E Bruce Jones Resource Consultants, Inc.
  • Craig Piernot Solar Energy Research Institute Dept. of Energy


"Robbing Peter to Pay Paul"-- explain as we will, that is often what the layman believes is the essence of successful precipitation enhancement. There is a certain seat-of-the-pants logic to the stream analogy -- you take a bucket of water out upstream and it is not available downstream. That sort of reasoning cannot always be shaken by pointing out physical differences between water on the ground and in the atmosphere. Perhaps it is one of those situations when "the more you explain it, the less they understand it". In any event the acquisition and analysis of data from an experiment designed to study the total area of effect from seeding ought to clarify what is actually taking place. Information on precipitation changes -- upwind and downwind, increase and decrease, or any combination thereof -- would illuminate the real impact of seeding on Peter as well as on Paul.




Technical Notes and Correspondence