Silver Iodide Ice Nuclei Generator Starter Triggered by Atmospheric Electric Potential Gradient


  • Albert H Schnell Compania Peruana de Servicios Meteorologicos S.A. Lima, Peru
  • Erhard Bachmann Empresa Agricola Chicama Ltda., Hda. Casa Graande, Trujillo, Peru


Observations on Silver lodide Ice Nuclei Generator operations in the Andes of Northern Peru during the 1966-68 raining seasons showed continuous lack of correct compliance on given operations instructions at several installation sites; long-time generator operators began to object to Agl ice nuclei generator operations and to complain about too much precipitation shortly after beginning and during generator operations times. Therefore, a device was developed to have generators operated by themselves fully automatic during desired time intervals using higher than normal atmospheric electric potential gradients as a starting trigger.




Technical Notes and Correspondence