NORCAL-WMP: 13 Flight Days on 7 Days, 1978


  • Arnold Court California State University Northridge, CA


Thirteen seeding flights on seven days, beginning 11 JAN 1978 released a total of only 1.62 kg of Agl before the Northern California Weather Modification Project (NORCAL-WMP) was suspended on 6 FEB because of heavy rains, and then terminated by its sponsor, the California Department of Water Resources (DWR). This report summarizes a detailed study, flight by flight, of this very limited operation (Court, 1978). Precipitation immediately downwind from the seeding was slightly greater than at surrounding gages, although the actual amounts were too small for any practical significance.

Author Biography

Arnold Court, California State University Northridge, CA

Professor of Climatology




Technical Notes and Correspondence