An Overview of Weather Modification Activities in Alberta


  • R J Deibert Alberta Research Council Atmospheric Sciences Department Red Deer, Alberta



Interest and activities in hail research and weather modification have been ongoing in Alberta for almost three decades. Crop loss from hailstorm damage has always been a major problem in Alberta. The economic losses associated with hailstorms are now up to $100 million annually. Following several years of costly hail losses in the early 1950’s, independent research and operational programs began. The losses prompted farmers in a district and county north and east of Calgary to seek voluntary contributions to hire I.P. Krick and Associates of Canada Ltd. to carry out a commercial hail suppression program. Later, farmers from two additional counties joined the program and formed the Alberta Weather Modification Co-operative (AWMC). The Krick program operated from 1956 to 1968 using groundbased silver iodide generators; supplemental seeding from aircraft began in 1960 (Krick and Stone, 1975).




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