Preliminary Experimental Evaluation of Snomax (TM) Snow Inducer, Nucleus Pseudomonas syringae, as an Artificial Ice for Weather Modification


  • Patrick J Ward Bio-Products Division Eastman Kodak Company Rochester, NY
  • Paul J DeMott Department of Atmospheric Science Colorado Slate University Fort Collins, CO


Snomax (TM) Snow Inducer, Pseudomonas syringae, has undergone preliminary laboratory and atmospheric studies in order to assess its usefulness as an artificial ice nucleus. Initial laboratory results show that Snomax is a very efficient condensation and freezing nucleus, exhibiting activities of 10^12 to 10^13 nuclei per gram at temperatures colder than -4°C and showing significant activity (approximately 10^10 per gram at temperatures as warm as -2.5°C. A preliminary aerial trial has demonstrated that Snomax powder can be easily dispersed to initiate nucleation in natural supercooled clouds.




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