Operational Efficiency Assessment of Hail Suppression for Agriculture in Greece


  • N R Dalezios Department of Agriculture University of Thessaly Volos, Greece
  • S I Spanos Hellenic Agriculture Insurance Organization Macedonia Airport Thessaloniki, Greece


The National Hail Suppression Program (NHSP) in Greece has been basically designed as an operational cloud seeding program with a small research component at its initial stages. During the 9-year history of the NHSP, significant experience and knowledge have been gained. The paper aims at assessing the operational efficiency of the NHSP with the objective of possibly improving operations. The paper focuses on topics such as hail forecasting and nowcasting, radar controlling and siting, flight operations, optimum length of the operational period, systems efficiency, available and required resources and infrastructure, seeding hypothesis and launch criteria. Finally, applied research findings and the incorporation of new technological advancements into the NHSP are discussed in an effort to draw conclusions and inferences towards optimum operation and gradual reduction of the overall program’s cost.




Scientific Papers