• Thomas J Henderson Atmospherics Incorporated Fresno, California


Berthoumieu and Morgan (hereafter BM) have raised a question about our previous paper (Henderson, et al; 1998 hereafter HWN) in which we suggested the observed graupel and hail production may have a consequence of seeding a cumulus cloud with pyrotechnic generated hygroscopic salts. BM argues that the described case is actually a heuristic demonstration of the effectiveness of the hygroscopic material in reducing damaging hail. BM continues with a description of the principal hypothesis of which most hail prevention cloud seeding programs have been performed over many years; "namely the generation, usually by seeding with ice forming nuclei such as silver iodide, of large concentrations of graupel and small hail, to create a condition of beneficial competition". We thank BM for their insights to hail formation and growth, including a refresher on the seeding hypothesis, as well as a few preliminary thoughts in regards their field observations of seeding cases.




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