Comment on "An Application of Hygroscopic Flares - A Single Case Study", by Henderson, Wood and Newsom


  • Jean-Francois Berthoumieu Association Climatologique de la Moyenne Garonne Le Passage D'agen
  • Griffith Morgan Thunderstorm and Hail Prevention Research Center ERSA/CSA Cervignano


In a short paper (accompanied by a cover photo with explanation) describing a single case study, Henderson, et al. (1997; hereafter HWN) raised the spectre of hail production as a consequence of seeding a cumulus cloud with flare-produced hygroscopic salts. We have read that article with great interest and arrive at a radically different conclusion. Though it is not possible to prove anything with a single case study, we could argue that the described case is a heuristic demonstration of the effectiveness of the hygroscopic flares in reducing damaging hail.




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