New Insights to Cloud Seeding for Enhancing Precipitation and for Hail Suppression


  • Daniel Rosenfeld


Satellite synoptic microphysical observations of the impacts of aerosols on cloud microstructure
and precipitation forming processes provide us with the extent and scale of inadvertent weather modification. Intended seeding signatures are detectable at much smaller scale by the same satellite technology. Inadvertent and intended weather modification have been regarded until now mostly as independent issues. In this brief review the two are contrasted and presented as different manifestations of the same sensitivity of precipitation forming processes to the role of aerosols in the rate of conversion of cloud droplets into precipitation and the dynamic response of the clouds, which result in changes of the amount and distribution of precipitation. These considerations are applied here separately to orographic and convective clouds. It is shown that we can learn much on the potential of cloud seeding for precipitation enhancement by observing the opposite response of the clouds to inadvertent effects due to air pollution.




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