Texas Weather Modification Operations in 2008


  • Stephanie Beall SWTREA, P.O. Box 1433, Carrizo Springs, TX 78334
  • Todd Flanagan STWMA, 110 Wyoming Blvd., Pleasanton, TX 78064
  • Robert E. Rhodes WTWMA, 8696 Hangar Rd., San Angelo, TX 76904
  • Jennifer Wright PGCD, P.O. Box 637, White Deer, TX 79097
  • Arquimedes Ruiz-Columbie Active Influence & Scientific Management, 8696 Hangar Rd., San Angelo, TX 76904


The State of Texas completed another year of successful weather modification operations in 2008. During this season, a total of seven projects were operational in Texas conducting rain enhancement and, in one project, hail suppression operations. Operationally, some projects experienced a below average year flight-wise due to the emergence of a drought that began in the fall of 2007. As well, some clouds exhibited tropical characteristics that resulted in less than desirable seeding by glaciogenic materials. Most parts of the state were dry, with the exception of a few spots in northern and far southern Texas. This paper will serve as an update for the Texas projects in 2008, offering a comprehensive summary of each of the operational projects in the state. Additionally, this paper will provide an analysis of the Texas projects conducted by Active Influence and Scientific Management.




Technical Notes and Correspondence