Design of an experiment to suppress hail in Illinois

Stanley Changnon Jr., Griffith Morgan Jr.


The Illinois State Water Survey, with funding from the Science Foundation and the State of Illinois, has just completed a 30- month program aimed at Designing an Experiment to Suppress Hail in Illinois  (DESH). The project had a field phase involving radar and field networks (for rain, hail and weather variables); an  analytical phase; a social, legal, economic, and ecological impact phase; and a phase integrating the results with those from past  hail projects plus key results from other allied Water Survey field projects. DESH is now completed and a final report  has been issued which includes the experimental design for Suppress Hail Experiment (SHE). This paper presents the recommended design for a hail suppression  project that might be begun in the 1975-1980 period....


Weather Modification Research, Weather Modification Operations

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