An assessment of some aerosol properties in Midwestern Power Plant plumes

Mark J. Komp, August H. Auer Jr.


In the course of conducting case studies relating to inadvertent weather modification in the St. Louis metropolitan area under the auspices of Project METROMEX, it has been possible to obtain airborne aerosol measurements describing the plumes from the several fossil-fueled power plants operating in the area. The purpose of this paper is to provide some additional insight into inadvertent weather modification by examining the transport and detection of Aitken Condensation Nuclei (ACN) within these plumes; in addition, one case study illustrating the evolution of the aerosol spectra in the downwind plume from a 2400 MW plant will be shown.  It is anticipated that the general description of plume behavior rendered herein will find utility in the prediction and modeling of such meteorological phenomenon.



Weather Modification Research; Impacts of Human Activity

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