Current Status and Future Direction of the Oklahoma Weather Modification Program

Nathan R Kuhnert, Brian R Vance, Michael E Mathis


The primary focus of the Oklahoma Weather Modification Program is to suppress hail and augment rainfall. Initiated in the fall of 1996, the demonstration program is patterned after similar successful efforts underway in Kansas, North Dakota, Texas and Alberta, Canada. In 1997 and 1998, the statewide program incorporated an independent evaluation to measure results, although no randomized cloud seeding operations were conducted. Results of the evaluation are promising. Prompted, in part, by the need for additional resources to implement the program at the desired capacity, the State Legislature passed legistation in 1999 to create a cooperative, long-term funding mechanism between state and the Oklahoma’s insurance industry. Potential interstate cooperation with weather modification efforts in Texas and Kansas bode well for the continuation and future growth of the program.

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