Airborne Observations of a Summertime, Ground-Based Tracer Gas Release

Don A Griffith, Geroge W Wilkerson, Dan A Risch


Two research aircraft were equipped with real-time sulfur hexafluoride analyzers in support of the North Dakota/NOAA 1987 summertime weather modification research program. Sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) was released from a ground location and the plume was detected by both aircraft on several downwind transects. The SF6 plume was tracked to near the base of a developing thunderstorm by one of the research aircraft. Calculations were made of what the concentration of silver iodide (AgI) seeding material would have been had a seeding generator been operated concurrently with the SF6 release. These calculations utilized the SF6 release rate, an assumed AgI release rate, and the observed SF6 concentrations.

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