Sunset and Sunrise of the Illinois Weather Modification Act


  • Stanley A. Changnon Illinois State Water Survey



Illinois, which had enacted a regulatory and monitoring act for planned weather modification activities in 1973, recently saw its model act sunset (repealed), as a part of a State’s sunsetting act for all lllinois regulatory activities. This paper describes the original Illinois Control Act, the process of sunsetting, and the subsequent reformulation of a new control act in lllinois. A review of the history of these sunsetting and then sunrise activities, as represented by the new 1981 Weather Modification Act in ~llinois, may help others facing similar sunsetting of regulatory activities, specifically those relating to weather modification, why the 1973 Weather Modification Control Act in lllinois, considered by many to be a model statute (Weather Modification Advisory Board, 1978) was revised, with parts eliminated, during the sunsetting and sunrising is discussed.




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Changnon, S. A. (2012). Sunset and Sunrise of the Illinois Weather Modification Act. The Journal of Weather Modification, 15(1), 71–73.



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