Measurement Errors Related a Hailpad Network


  • N. Doras Groupement National d’Etudes des Fleaux Atmospheriques



Grossversuch IV is a program designed to evaluate through statistical analysis, under a reasonably controlled condition, the efficiency of the Soviet method for hail suppression. This program was initiated in 1977 and is being carried out through cooperation between research institutes from Switzerland, France and Italy, coordinated by the Laboratory for Atmospheric Physics at E.T.H. (Zurich, Switzerland). This specifically implies operating the basic equipment necessary for applying the Soviet method (S-band radar, X- band radar: launching sites) and controlling the results (hail pads, measurementnetworks) within the experimental perimeter.




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Measurement Errors Related a Hailpad Network. (1983). The Journal of Weather Modification, 15(1), 7-10.