Proof of legal causation in weather modification litigation: Reinbold v. Sumner Farmers, Inc., and Irving P. Krick, Inc.


  • Ray Davis
  • Pierre St.-Amand


Weather Modification Operations


In 1974 there was a "bumper crop" of weather modification litigation. There were only a dozen or so cloud seeding lawsuits tried during the preceeding twenty-five years of artificial weather alteration. Two cases were filled and disposed of in 1974; one case was filed, but has not yet come to a hearing;  and another case which had been initiated in 1972 was tried last year. Perhaps no statistical significance can be drawn from  moving from an average of one case every two years to four  cases in a single year, but happily-employed lawyers and expert  witnesses undoubtedly found comfort in the increased volume of litigation. Fortunately for  weather modifiers and their insurers, the 1974 crop of cases yielded no defeats....




Technical Notes and Correspondence