Study of dropsize distribution in warm clouds subjected to repeated seeding


  • R. Kapoor
  • S. Paul
  • A. Murty
  • K. Krishna
  • Bh. Murty


Instrumentation, Weather Modification Operations


Warm seeding experiments, using aircraft, were conducted in three different regions in India during the summer monsoon of  1973. Cloud drop samples were obtained, during these  experiments, in a few cases of isolated cumulus/cumulus  complexes while they had been repeatedly seeded. For this  purpose, glass slides coated with magnesium-oxide smoke were  exposed by hand operated gadgets through the window of the  seeder aircraft. Analysis of the data collected pointed out  marked changes in the microstructure of the clouds following seeding. The drop size distribution broadened. The median volume diameter increased. The drop concentration decreased.  The liquid water content increased. It was argued that the  features noticed as above could be due to the combined effect of the accelerated condensation and coalescence processes  following seeding.




Technical Notes and Correspondence