A new airborne organic ice nuclei generator and its tests in summertime cumuli


  • N. Fukuta
  • J. Armstrong
  • A. Gorove


Weather Modification Research, Instrumentation


In order to meet the need for effective, ecologically and operationally safe, and economical ice nuclei in weather modification, we have been developing practical smoke  generators for three selected organic nucleants. They are  1,5-dihydroxynaphthalene (DN), metaldehyde (MA),  phloroglucinol (PG). In laboratory tests they have been shown to be active as silver iodide. The characteristic features of these seeding agents are compared with those of Agl. In contrast with their numerous  advantages, the only problem associated with the organic ice nuclei has been the generation of fine smoke particles needed for practical cloud seeding......




Technical Notes and Correspondence