Results of precipitation enhancement project by surface-seeding during winter at Delhi


  • R. Chatterjee
  • R. Kapoor
  • G. Singh
  • Bh. Murty


Weather Modification Research


A series of surface-seeding experiments by silver iodide smoke  undertaken at Delhi during successive winter seasons since 1968 came to a close in 1975. Randomization in the seeding  programme was observed from the third season. Evaluation was  done on the basis of 24 hours rainfall data obtained from a close raingauge network within 25 km. It was also done on the basis  of observations made with a 3.2 cm weather radar. The result  was expressed (i) pair-wise and (ii) season-wise. Pairwise  analysis indicated inconclusive result both by raingauge and  radar.  According to season-wise analysis, result was positive in five out of  the seven seasons by raingauge. It was positive in three seasons by radar. The results are not statisticallys ignificant.




Technical Notes and Correspondence