Hail Suppression in the Hudson Valley, 1956 and 1957


  • Thomas J. Henderson Atmospherics Incorporated


     From July to September 1956 and May to September 1957, a hail suppression program was conducted over the Hudson Valley area in New York, sponsored by The Hudson Valley Crop Services Co-op. Voluntary contributions from apple growers throughout the Hudson Valley, and others, supported operations of the Weather Modification Company of San Jose during both seasons. Equipment included one cloud seeding aircraft, a network of 75 to 77 ground generators, and a 3 cm radar system. Within these two seasons, a total of 69 storms moved through the lludson Valley area and 700 individual cells were logged by the radar. Major hail events were produced by cells embedded in frontal associated squall lines in 1956 and mostly from air mass thunderstorms in 1957. Hail damage was reported over some 1% of the total target area in 1956 and about 6% in 1957.




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