Requirements in Weather Modification--The States Viewpoint


  • Conrad G Keyes, Jr North American Interstate Weather Modification Council Las Cruces, New Mexico


A need for the prudent design and critical analysis of all weather modification efforts was expressed in the early meetings of the North American Interstate Weather Modification Council (Keyes, 1976). Around the time of the U.S. Weather Modification Advisory Board’s accomplishments, created by Public Law 94-490, the NAIWMC became involved in defining the technical capability of weather modification, legal uncertainties of the technology, federal research requirements by the states, and new law requirements for coordination of weather modification activities. Starting in 1976, the Council’s Executive Committee began using the questionnaire approach to obtain the states’ views on important issues confronting the Council. The primary category of regular membership in the Council is state or provincial agencies, however, it is important to realize that political sub-divisions, scientific societies, and professional organizations also provide input to most actions of the Council via the affiliate member category (see Figure i).




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