Simultaneous Cloud Comparisons using Digital Radar and Satellite Measurements


  • Michael R Poellot Department of Aviation University of North Dakota Grand Forks, North Dakota
  • David W Reynolds Department of Atmospheric Science Colorado State University Fort Collins, Colorado


Results are presented from a comparison of digital radar and satellite cloud climatological studies for 12 days during the 1976 High Plains Cooperative Project (HIPLEX). Both observation systems observed on each day cloud numbers, sizes and locations with respect to Miles City, Montana, one of the HIPLEX field sites. The results point out the limitations of using but one measurement system in trying to determine natural convective activity. Problems are discussed in both the processing techniques used and in the limitations of both the radar and satellite data if used separately. The impact of the results of these kinds of studies are important to answering such questions as "extra-area" effects, etc.




Technical Notes and Correspondence