The WMO Precipitation Enhancement Project (PEP)--Progress to Date and Present Status


  • Peter W Summers Geneva, Switzerland


The WMO Weather Modification Program evolved from events in the early 1970’s when, partly as a result of the Sahel drought and partly due to rising general interest in the subject, the WMO received more and more requests for advice and assistance in the field of weather modification. Several possible responses were discussed and proposed by the WMO Commission for Atmopsheric Sciences (CAS) Working Group on Cloud Physics and Weather Modification which had been established by CAS under the chairmanship of Professor R. List. These were considered by the WMO Executive Committee at its twenty-sixth session in May-June 1974. The Executive Committee asked the working group to also act as the Executive Committee Panel of Experts on Weather Modification (hereinafter referred to as the EC Panel) and at the same time called on WMO to give the lead in weather modification activities, and this finally provided the general context for such a program.

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Peter W Summers, Geneva, Switzerland

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