Observations of Precipitation Development -- An Example from the UAE Project


  • Daniel Breed National Center for Atmospheric Research Boulder, CO
  • Tara Jensen National Center for Atmospheric Research Boulder, CO
  • Roelof Bruintjes National Center for Atmospheric Research Boulder, CO


Radar and aircraft observations from the 12 September 2004 case study, collected during a field project in the United Arab Emirates, are presented in the context of discerning precipitation development. The focus of the field projects was convective clouds forming over and near the Oman mountains in the eastern Arabian Penisula, as part of a larger feasibility study on precipitation enhancement and a subsequent randomized cloud seeding experiment. The radar data show that earlier convection likely pre-conditioned the region with mid-level moisture and ice particles. Subsequent cells and storms developed significant precipitation as they grew above 6 km (around -5° C). This is consistent with the concept that recycling particles into the same and adjacent turrets is an important process in precipitation development. However, the data set presented is quite limited and more details from other cases (both seeded and unseeded) are needed to generalize precipitation development in UAE clouds.




Technical Notes and Correspondence