Weather Resources Management on the Kings River Water Shed


  • Thomas Henderson Atmospherics Incorporated


     In 1954 a cloud seeding program designed to increase precipitation in the form of rain and snow was initiated over thewatershed of the Kings River in the Sierra Range of California.  The project has been funded by the Kings River ConservationDistrict, Fresno, California, and operated continuously each season during the seven-month October-April period. In recent years, operations have been expanded to include the total annual period except in those years when riverflow forecasts indicate annualflows will exceed about 135% of normal. At the end of the firstthree-year period, a multiple regression analysis was developed utilizing the unregulated historic flow of the Kings River and the flow of adjacent rivers presumed to be unaltered by cloud seed-ing activities. This statistical analysis has been applied to the flow of the rivers. During the 25-year seeded period 1954-1979, the analysis shows an apparent increase in flow amounting to 6% of the total predicted by the regression analysis. This apparent increase is significant at the 0.001 level.




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