A Review of the Texas Weather Modification Programs in 2007


  • T R Flanagan STWMA Pleasanton, TX
  • S D Beall SWTREA Carrizo Springs, TX
  • R E Rhodes WTWMA San Angelo, TX
  • J Wright PGCD White Deer, TX
  • A Ruiz-Columbié Active Influence & Scientific Management San Angelo, TX




Texas has had several weather modification programs over the past 40 years. More recently, in the past 10 years there have been 12 weather modification programs in existence in the state. In 2007, seven were operational, conducting rain enhancement and, in one instance, hail suppression operations. After two years of below normal rainfall, 2007 was above normal in much of the state, particularly southern and central Texas. As far as operations are concerned, projects in the northern and western part of the state saw a near normal year as far as number of seeding days, while the southern projects saw a below normal number of seeding days due to several intense rainfall episodes resulting in prolonged flooding. This paper will summarize the 2007 season for the different projects in the state as well as present an analysis of all the projects conducted by Active Influence and Scientific Management.




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A Review of the Texas Weather Modification Programs in 2007. (2008). The Journal of Weather Modification, 40(1), 85-91. https://doi.org/10.54782/jwm.v40i1.427