Four Decades of American Weather Modification Law


  • Ray Jay Davis J. Reuben Clark Law School Brigham Young University Provo, Utah



There have been distinctive American legal developments during each of the four decades of modern weather modification. Each ten year period has had its own unique societal setting and dominant legal agency. The first decade (1946-1957) was one of scientific and technological beginnings. Courts were the dominant law makers. In the second period (1957-1966) physical conditions gave rise to legal developments, and these took place mostly in legislatures. The social setting of the third decade (1966-76) set its legal agenda, and the executive branch of government carried it out. Since 1977 both the executive and legislative branches have reacted to economic conditions. Future weather modification legal developments also will be shaped by societal settings.


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Davis, R. J. (1987). Four Decades of American Weather Modification Law. The Journal of Weather Modification, 19(1), 102–106.



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