Preliminary Investigations of a Dynamic Seeding Strategy for Oklahoma Convective Clouds


  • John C Pflaum Cooperative Institute for Mesoscale Meteorological Studies University of Oklahoma Norman, OK
  • Howard L Johnson Oklahoma Climatological Survey University of Oklahoma Norman, OK
  • Michael R Poellot Department of Atmospheric Sciences University of North Dakota Grand Forks, ND


This article presents some early findings from on-going work investigating the seedability of Oklahoma convective clouds.  Using the Great Plains Cloud Model (GCPM), predictions of maximum cloud height were compared for simulations of natural freezing, silver iodide enhanced freezing and dry ice enhanced freezing.  Selected soundings were from time periods coinciding with airborne measurements of cloud microphysics which allow for future evaluation of model realism.  Climatological analyses indicated that representative meteorological conditions existed during these time periods.  Preliminary indications suggest that opportunities for enhanced cloud growth due to seeding exist on days when cumulus clouds are present over Oklahoma and that a small advantage may result from the use of dry ice as compared to silver iodide.




Scientific Papers