Model Simulation of Seeding Repeat Rates for Direct Injection Seeding by Rockets


  • Nenad Aleksić Institute of Meteorology University of Belgrade Belgrade, Yugoslavia
  • Boško Telenta Federal Hydrometeorological Institute Belgrade, Yugoslavia
  • S Petković Federal Hydrometeorological Institute Belgrade, Yugoslavia


A two-dimensional non-hydrostatic numerical convective cloud model is used for simulation of transport and diffusion of reagent in the conditions of direct injection seeding by rockets. Target area for the seeding is defined on the basis of model-produced radar reflectivity field. Reagent is released instantaneously along a line 1.5 km long, thus emulating rocket seeding. Results show that time of reagent residence in the target zone is less than two or three minutes. During this time, reagent spread from the plume axis did not exceed 50 m. Implication for the seeding repeat rate is that seeding by direct injection should be performed continuously while seeding criteria are satisfied. In practice this means that seeding repeat rate should be determined from the technical feasibility requirements.




Scientific Papers