2002 Adventures, Ventures, and Misadventures of Weather Modification in Texas


  • Arquimedes Ruiz-Columbié San Angelo, TX
  • Dale L Bates Angelo, TX
  • Orlando Nuñez-Russis Deer, TX


Texas’ 2002 cloud seeding operations, which began in March, were aided by daily and monthly evaluation reports using the TITAN evaluation software package. By comparison with unseeded control clouds, the evaluation program estimated the modifications that had occurred in particular seeded clouds in regards to timing, dosages, missed opportunities, etc. This paper serves as an annual summary of these results. A total of 897 clouds were seeded and identified by TITAN in 237 target-area operational days (tao days). A sub-total of 599 seeded clouds was evaluated with the classic TITAN tool; 56 seeded clouds did not obtain proper data files, and 242 clouds were reserved for the synergetic analysis (135 large and 107 type B clouds).




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