Present and Future Regulation of Cloud Seeding Activities in California


  • Micheal Brown



This paper outlines the broad legal framework governing cloud seeding activities in California.  This legal framework has largely developed from other forms of water regulation. First, this paper describes cloud seeding and explains why entities use cloud seeding in California and why it is likely to increase.  Second, this paper analyzes the role of the federal government and Native American Tribes in water law and, by extension, the law governing cloud seeding activities. Third, this paper examines the constitutionality of cloud seeding under both the United States and California Constitutions. Fourth, this paper examines the applicability of current California surface water and groundwater regulations to cloud seeding activities. Fifth, this paper examines potential interstate conflicts resulting from cloud seeding. Lastly, this paper examines the effects of Federal and State Environmental laws on cloud seeding activities.




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Present and Future Regulation of Cloud Seeding Activities in California. (2011). The Journal of Weather Modification, 43(1), 97-106.