Vol 16, No 1 (1984)

Cover Page

Olin H. Foehner, Jr., was lost at sea while scuba diving near St. Martin in the West Indies, May 27, 1983. During his active and productive career, Olin was a strong proponent of weather modification operations and research programs at the international level. With the Bureau of Reclamation in the U.S., Olin served as the first Director of the Sierra Cooperative Pilot Project. He exerted a leading role in the initial planning and design of the SCPP until he was reassigned as Director of the Colorado River Enhanced Snowpack Test. While SCPP Director, the project moved from the initial planning stage to the full design phase. During the same period, the project’s field office was established at Auburn, California, the Skywater X Conference was held, the Sierra Ecology Project was initiated in cooperation with the Forest Service Pacific Southwest Forest and Range Experiment Station, and a variety of cooperative activities were initiated with the states of Nevada and California, several universities and private sector groups. Olin’s energy, his dedication to the long-term Skywater objectives, and his appreciation of new ideas contributed immensely to the programs and success of the SCPP and other Bureau of Reclamation weather modification programs under their Division of Atmspheric Resources Research. As a professional and good friend, many colleagues will miss both his expertise and good humor.

Profesional and Scientific Societies: Professional Engineer - Colorado, American Society of Civil Engineers, Denver Federal Center Professional Enginers Group, Western Snow Conference, Weather Modification Association