Vol 13, No 1 (1981)

Cover Page
As part of our emphasis on applied programs at the international level, the Editor has chosen a sampling of subjects from several countries for presentation on the cover of Volume 13. As shown from left to right, these are: 
Top row: Dr. Vincent J. Schaefer making CN measurements on the north end of Hokkaido Island, Japan. Burn units on the large Meteotran lannemezan, France. Cloud seeding pyrotechnics burning on the aircraft rack. U.S.A.
Center row: Israeli cloud seeding aircraft. Tel Aviv, Israel. Bruno Federer and rocket launch on Grosversuch IV Program. Switzerland. M. T. Abshaev and large weather modification radar system. Nalchik, Soviet Union.
Bottom row: Cloud seeding aircraft at end of day. U.S.A. Radar system on operation program. Vallenar, Chile.  Airborne silver iodide generator. Canberra, Australia.
Atmospherics Incorporated photographs by: Thomas J. Henderson