Information For Librarians

Is an online license required for online access?

The Weather Modification Association Editorial Board is in the process of developing an online license that covers access to the Journal of Weather Modification site. For now, below are provided answers to some frequently asked questions.

Do subscribers receive perpetual access/post-cancellation access?

Libraries that cancel subscription received the same access to past content as any non-subscription holder, there is no perpetual access/post-cancellation access. Only the current year’s volume that is being developed and the past year’s volume have restricted access, all other past volumesare openly available.

Do you permit remote access by secure proxy server?

Libraries can use their own secure proxy server that is within their range of IP addresses; however, the Journal site has no special ability to add a proxy server for individual libraries.

What is the policy on Interlibrary Loan?

Libraries can print individual articles and distribute via Interlibrary Loan.

What is the policy on Print and Electronic course packs/course reserves?

Libraries can include articles and distribute course packs and have course reserve material available as long as they only charge for printing costs.