An operational drough relief program conducted in Jamaica during the sumer of 1975

Don Griffith, Keith Brown


A limited scope precipitation enhancement program, conducted for the Kingston Corporate Area of during the summer of 1975, appears to have been successful. Due to the high variability of  natural rainfall amounts, the exact attainments of the program  cannot be accurately specified. Qualitative evaluations based on percent of percent of average precipitation lend strong support to the conclusion that there was a positive effect in the target area. Semi-quantitative target and control evaluations  performed by the Meteorological Service of Jamaica indicated  increases in precipitation in the two target areas of  approximately 26 percent. A corresponding increase in runoff of  165 million gallons was estimated to have resulted from the four month project. Attributing all direct costs of the project to this estimated increase in runoff indicates the cost of additional  deliverable water to have been 37 cents per i000 gallons


Weather Modification Operations

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