Observations of effects on clouds and rainfall caused by effluents from paper mills

Edward Hindman


Observations are presented which demonstrate that the effluents from paper mills cause rainshowers to occur a short distance downwind of the mills. These showers have been observed to occur both with and without nearby rainshowers unaffected by the effluents. Calculations have shown that, alone, the large and giant CCN emitted by the mills cannot account for the showers. It appears, however, that heat and moisture from  the mills in combination with the additional CCN can explain the  observed rainshowers. These showers may produce more rainfall than nearby showers unaffected by the effluents. However,  further research will be necessary in order to correlate the showers caused by the effluents with the anomalous increases in rainfall in the vicinity of paper mills reported by Hobbs et al.


Weather Modification Research, Impacts of Human Activity

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