Water droplet fogs formed from Pyrotechnically Generated Condensation Nuclei

Edward E. Hindman II


A pyrotechnic formulation is described which, upon burning, produces 9 .6 x 10^12 g of sub- and super-micron condensation nuclei (mean diameter ~ 2 um).  The largest particles measured were 5 um diameter.  The particles are composed of KCI, NaCl and Li2CO3.  These particles deliquesce and form water droplet fog in stable, calm environments with relative humidities (RH)>75%.  Fogs formed at RH>90% are composed of sub- and super-micron droplets (mean diameter ~ 8 um). The largest droplets measured were 10 um diameter.  The droplet populations >5 um resemble those found in coastal fogs.





Weather Modification Research; Impacts of Human Activity

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