An Overview of the 2016 Rainfall Enhancement Activities in Texas: A More Intensive Use of Hygroscopic Material

Kendell LaRoche, Arquimedes Ruiz-Columbié, Jonathan Jennings


The Texas Weather Modification Association oversees four rainfall enhancement projects which combined have completed their 21st season in 2016.  These projects include the Panhandle Groundwater Conservation District, the South Texas Weather Modification Association, the Trans-Pecos Weather Modification Association, and the West Texas Weather Modification Association.  Classic Thunderstorm Identification, Tracking, Analysis and Nowcasting evaluation of seeded and control clouds for each project are analyzed to determine the effect seeding operations had on different cloud variables.  A more recent evaluation analysis examining the results of dual seeding (hygroscopic plus glaciogenic material) compared to seeding with only glaciogenic material.  Excellent results were achieved during the 2016 season with average precipitation increases of 1.34 inches above seasonal value, and over 2 million acre-feet of addition precipitation from cloud seeding activities.  An analysis of hygroscopic seeding continues to show its importance for effective seeding operations. Clouds seeded with both glaciogenic and hygroscopic material lasted longer and produced more precipitation than similar clouds seeded with only glaciogenic material.


Weather Modification Research, Texas, rain enhancement, hygroscopic, seasonal overview, Weather Modification Operations, 2016

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