Cloud Seeding and Atmospheric Tracer Program Conducted in the Tsengwen Reservoir Area of Taiwan during the 1992 Mei-Yu Season

Jack Ming-Sen Lin, Paul Tai-Kuang Chiou, Don A Griffith, George W Wilkerson, Mark E Solak


North American Weather Consultants (NAWC) of Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S.A. was contracted by the Taiwan Central Weather Bureau (CWB) to assist in the design, operation and analysis of a cloud seeding and atmospheric tracer program. This program was conducted from April 22 to June 23, 1992. The area of interest was the Tsengwen River drainage located in south central Taiwan. The program was conducted during a portion of the Mei-Yu season which is the transition period between the northeast and southwest monsoon seasons. A network of 15 ground based silver iodide (AgI) generators was utilized to conduct the cloud seeding program. A tracer gas, sulfur hexafluoride (SF6), was also released at one of the silver iodide generator sites on some of the operational days. The SF6 was tracked by an instrumented van on some of these tests. The SF6 was tracked on one lest wilh instrumentation carried on-board a C-130 cargo aircraft. The goal of this tracer work was to attempt to document the vertical transport of SF6 and by inference Agl. The question being considered was whether the use of Agl ground generators in. Taiwan offers an effective means of seeding clouds in Taiwan.

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