Acidic Cloud Episodes in the Northern Colorado Rockies: Inadvertent Weather Modification?

Edward E Hindman, Maria C Meyer, Stanley D Gedzelman, Teresa J Bandosz


Acidic cloud episodes were detected in January 1998 and January 2000 at Storm Peak Laboratory (SPL) in the northern Colorado Rockies. The episodes were characterized by increased concentrations of small droplets and condensation nucleus concentrations and reduced liquid water contents, snowfall rates and sub-cloud relative humidities. The trajectories of the air parcels arriving at SPL before, during and after the episodes were studied. The parcels arriving during the episodes encountered the least precipitation during their journey to SPL, suggesting little cloud and precipitation scavenging of aerosol particles. Further, much of the difference in acidity can be explained by dilution of the cloud droplets. Thus, the episodes may be primarily a natural phenomenon.

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