Design And Evaluation Of Hygroscopic Seeding Operations In Andhra Pradesh, India

Iyyanki V. Muralikrishna, Valli Manickam, Sottu S. Bhardwaj, Hariprasad Peddj, AVS Prabhakara Rao


Hygroscopic seeding operations were carried out in twelve districts of Andhra Pradesh, India from 2003 to 2008. The operations were carried out in both the southwest and northeast monsoon periods for a period from June to November. These operations were carried out with the help of two C-band radars and two pressurized aircraft. The present paper attempts to summarize the results of the operations being carried out and also evaluate these results. Statistical methods are used to estimate the percentage increase in the rainfall that could have occurred due to seeding operations. In the present context, regression equations, double ratio method, impact coefficient, target control and downwind comparisons are used to arrive at the percentage increase in rain mass over this region. A total of 2200 seeding sorties were carried out and this study presents the summary of 1600 sorties which were analyzed using various statistical software packages.

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